Making the World a Better Place – Redefining the Planet by Love

Our beautiful Planet is becoming an ugly and dangerous place. It is excessively negatively defined by monuments and institutions marking the places of conflict and suffering.

We want to propose places of unique human experience, as a celebration of life and beauty dedicated to love as infinite positive inspiration. In opposition to a discouraging and cynical present, the project is deliberately naive.

We collect places and their memories. Museums are not primarily about objects but about values. They are created to recognize and protect what they find is endangered – a human experience that should be retained and passed on. Love is the value of our choice.

This is a virtual museum, but it is also very much real. The world is dotted by thousands of places of legendary loves. If we succeed in sending out our travelling exhibitions or encourage others to set up permanent ones around the local story, our museum will spread even physically.

Our temporary, travelling exhibition will tour the places of love all over the world. Being simple, modular, inexpensive and attractive with its universal theme, the exhibition might generate lot of public attention. Our aim is that the exhibition brings attention to the local memory, to our project and the its further capacities.

Love is the only perfect communication human beings can achieve and the true name of freedom.

Love has always ignored differences and boundaries; it has always been above the rules and beyond limitations.

Love between two human beings seems to gives us the ultimate feeling of fulfillment and purpose. With it we are invulnerable and noble. Without it, we are exposed to insecurities and inhibitions which demean the human condition.

Love is universal and common to all and everybody – no matter when and where on the entire Earth we happen to be. It may well be that love is the central generative principle of the Universe.

Most troubles of this world are due to the lack of love. In some of its forms and to a great extent, love is the solution to any problem. Defining our warring planet through places of love or by rising walls and sites of hatred are probably two opposed visions of life which might make all the difference to our future. What water is to body, love is to soul.

We are currently negotiating the place & museum that will be convincing bearer of “The Prime Meridian of Love” – an imaginary zero meridian which symbolically unites the Planet in times of pandemics, wars, crises and unimaginable geopolitical divisions.